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When we tell people, potential customers that we specialise in airport / ferry terminal transfer they ask ‘what does this mean?’

First, read below for what we do offer, and then read further to understand what we do not offer, and why you should use our services.

With Zanzibar Transfer, we understand your needs as a traveller, and we focus only on the visitor market. We do not do local customer transfer.

Pre-booking online means: Reliability – we will be there when you arrive / or need to be picked up, with a uniformed, professional driver who assists with your luggage, uses his knowledge of the island to answer your questions, navigates to your destination with care and your safety top of their mind. Our comprehensively insured vehicles are well maintained, and spotlessly clean.

Your transfer is guaranteed to happen, for the time you booked it, and for the price you booked it at. The right kind of vehicle will be there for the size of your group, whether one person, a couple, a family or many more.

The transfer will be at a very competitive rate – we encourage you to compare our rates with others.

We know all the hotel and tourist destinations from North to South, and East to West on Zanzibar.

Now, may we provide some insight?

When one gets to understand Zanzibar, the roads, the drivers and the driving conditions, as well as the different market segments, our answers make more sense.

The 2 key market segments for taxis / transfer: our own local people and our visitors to the islands.

Locally, Zanzibaris and residents have a need only for the cheapest, sometimes the quickest, and other times the most readily available. The cheapest means that we have here in Zanzibar many, many vehicles transporting people, from the ‘Matatu’ carrying many people as a bus, or the small sedans which may not be the best maintained. And many drivers, of different skills. If you do not know Zanzibar, you can be shocked by the condition of the vehicles, and correctly wonder whether these are 100% safe. You’ll even ask yourself whether the driver cares completely for your safety. And many of these same drivers with their vehicles will provide taxi services to and from the airport.

Pre-booking transfer in Zanzibar is advised. It makes life stress free.

Hakuna Matata.

Use our simple booking system to search and book your transfer, you will see the available prices. Book any of your transfer requirements whilst in Zanzibar!


10 Years of Professionalism

  • – Excellent rates: compare them.
  • – Licensed & insured
  • – Operator certificates
  • – Drivers with local knowledge
  • – On call 24 hours
  • – Modern, clean fleet
  • – Excellent vehicle maintenance
  • – Online booking
  • – Immediate confirmation
  • – Pay by Card or Cash on Arrival